Last Day

If you can pick up what I’m putting down
You may drift melodically into the Infinite sound
The cosmic tone of Presence that surrounds
In singular stars forever spiraling down

As tears fall and fade silently away
We tear ourselves down so fluidly
By all the words we failed to say
And all the blood flowing through open veins

Behaviours aside we are starting to wake
By no conscious memory
and little more mistake
For all the debts I must repay
I’m calling out for you today

On your last and final day
And as my thoughts begin to sway
All the consummation of my doubt
I’m freely in place to lose the battle
Now; to let you again win

A contientous flow of Sin
Scatters your precious and pure mind, again
Don’t let the demons have their fix
For they are liars by their own design

‘I cannot win but at least I can rhyme’
Star-crossed and scattered by the loveliest night
And I still can’t let you out of my sight


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