Toxicity: Love

Hearts melted and I’m in a daze
Containing now an uncontrollable urge,
Or was it a latter love’s rage?
Tied off quickly, just to merge
To further reveal and furthermore uphold

A toxic love grown tired of itself
In tumultuous beats beaten and branded
Withheld by the hearts deepest desire
“What’s wrong baby?”, becomes
‘Well you might as well try her’

I can’t convey if it’s fear or concern
So let’s chalk it up to another lesson
Well-learned and better played
She was yours last night
Maybe we should trade

It’s always good, they say
To try a new way
Crossing the spectrum
Of good and bad things
Its time to stretch those little wings

Baby, will you fly with me?
Lose your mind,
get high with me
Tell me, Angel
do you want to be free?


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