Thank You; ‘A Rendition’

Pleased to meet you
And match your love before I doubt
The sorrow held within after
I am so captive without

Caged to all my most
Morally subjective ways
But I’m still the same, inside
Regardless the many times
My unattended soul has died

Although so actively I’ve tried
To know you deeper than I’ve desired
Due to all your best kept secrets
Lord knows you are a liar

But goddamn girl,
‘Take me higher’
Where happiness and
Heightened senses glow
Before, that is, we reach
Our all-time lows

“It shows”, baby
And we already know
You hold the beauty I am so drawn to
“Maybe you’ll be my next tattoo”

Or my last regret– and
Maybe you will be
That little voice,
Inside my head


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