My Favorite Muse

And I digress
This eternal mark is nothing more
Than a racing ache to the final test
“Your mind’s made up and mine’s a mess’
With heartbeats heavy in a sunken chest
I love you entirely in between my past regrets

Openly retracted and still, somehow, I’m doing my best
To further relay all the words I failed to say
With your arms wrapped around me lovingly
I close my eyes and deeply regress

Into the patterns and sounds I’d forgot
Of seven wheels of time spiraling out vividly
With one in place now,
Few are contentious of chivalry
It isn’t yet dead, but rather, deadening
Another dense repeat

And baby its not all that bad
You’re not alone and we’re not too broken
Nor sad, to fix the pains we have consumed
To chemically alter or further foolishly attune

To the ways of unconditional love that so soothe
Upon open hearts and empty rooms
Narrowed eyes in sightless truths
“Still lying to my favorite muse”
And sweetheart, it was always you


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