Lizard Queen

Into the robber’s shaking hands
A flush of holy tremors dance
And bring forth such a sightly favor
All the best, to you, repay her

Priestess, for she knows the Divine
Not only from Sages or Scriptures,
For she has walked the unsown line
Seemlessly intertwined with light
Among the darkest nights

Knightly pleasure drawn within
The devil’s wake where new souls mend
‘Is this the end?’, shall we not doubt
You are the Presence
Our love so devout

And doubled on the drawing boards
Where priests assemble
Coming from abroad
Broken apart or reunified
We are the Love we have defied

Denied through useless trials and
Furthermore despised by latter truths
Quickly countered and newly realized
I’m healed without need to try
Take our aching souls and mend

The Lizard Queens one final chance
A decided dance impenetrably hollow
Your love becomes greater than I ever knew
The High Queen’s hardest pill to swallow;


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