Have I Had Enough?

And what’s it like to have the good stuff
Or, rather, am I willing to put up
With all this triggering, trap house mentality buzz
And is this really cold turkey
When I’m thinking enough is enough?
But I’m saying if the shoe doesn’t fit
Take the old, unfit ragged glove
Losing more than we’re winning
And it’s getting pretty rough
Tremors dancing melodically
‘But at least I didn’t huff’
So I swayed in all directions
With heightened debts left unpaid
“At least I’m getting laid”, and
Finding new places to catch a Buzz
Still running off from the fuzz
‘5-Oh’ or bust
And I’ve lost everyone’s trust
From my Lover to my friends
Badly bruised to meet tiresome ends
Still knowing internally
I am the Love I so send


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