Cool With Anything

“I’m cool with anything”
But not everything goes
We can talk about our pasts
Our previous sorrows and woes

Or disregard such ancient topics
And move further into Presence
An incessant resting pool of repentence
Carrying on until our next prison sentence
Or rather rewarding ourselves with further resentments
I digress, these dire debts we will someday repay

But, “I hate animated shit”, so we keep it real
Lets soar into the future upon broad wings
And feel, something short of true release

“Where’d the weed go?”
We’re just moving the peace
However slighted, more so out of touch
As they settle and breathe a sigh of relief
Signs of life on decadent streets

Or are we seeking something Higher?
Go ahead and quit your day job
Passing out those fucking fliers
For anti-drug rallies in lesser actions we pronounce

I cannot seem to write without them
So let us now announce
Something real and something true:
I am the heart residing in you


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