Our Hypnotic Retreat

Within the formalities for which I’d been opposed
I’m finding new reasoning to release that which we exposed
So defiantly fresh waves wash away withered bones
However carelessly we were once free to roam
Still there was nowhere to go

Confined by our own self deception
We were selfless in our inception
As the matrix held us captive within
We were prisoners to all our hearts demands
In our hypnotic retreat we were stuck in trance
A lifeless dance, impenetrably hollow
As slavery permitted greater depths for we have wallowed

Call it fear of change or hopefulness in brighter tomorrow’s
Filling a constant void of time amidst previous sorrows
I’m too distant and freedom seems far off

Although it seems irrelevant now
I have loved you at all costs
Of sanity, serenity and sedation
Intrinsic loss in every listless separation
And somehow, still, finding beauty in the creation


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