Heaven’s Gate

A momentary lapse of Pleasure
Meanwhile I’ve succumb to drastic measures
Were they not plastic, poly-plasmic incentives?
All along costing us our greatest treasures

In revision and at all accounts further lost
I can’t write and now I can barely talk
Maybe it’s the Way I’ve forgot
Or am I simply folding in and
Further fathoming this racing ache
To our repeated past mistakes?

Its truly beautiful by design, yet
We say, “it’s not all that great”
Now’s the time to chance our fate
Russian roulette at Heaven’s Gate

You told me to hold off, that
The best part was coming
But Darling you’re too late
“Oh fuck”, it’s getting fake
Who gives a Shit, it’s all in my mind
Psycho-semantic psychotic versions of time
Leftover or left fully deprived;
I just let myself die


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