The Battleground

Far down the scale of a self seeking spectrum
As flooding fears now fearlessly flee from us
With past life regrets leaving a newly old body
And thoughts now coinciding with a very different melody
“How the fuck was I supposed to recognize anybody?”
When repetitions bleed a lifetime of colour
Some few actions are taken to truly recover
Where peace births a reality to the battleground
I am the love I so send in serenity that surrounds
Meanwhile you’re getting impatient
And I’m thinking of hanging around
Still lost in a newly-old town,
Where I avidly slowed down
For a second to stop getting “drugged-down”
Overcome and overwhelmed; somehow
Overtly unsound, unsung and still clouded
As the truth is rewritten to that
Which once heavily shrouded
Welcome to the battleground
In beauty firmly impatient and proud
My love for you lies all around


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