Thinking out loud again
And I’m feeling rather proud
To be living in my skin,
Sleeping soundly with a satisfaction
Knowing the futures so bright for us
Goddamn girl, its glowing; so
Thank you for showing me a whole new love
With prayers thankfully answered to
Questions I hadn’t even thought of

Waking up so freely captivated
A new movement now regenerated
Thank god the answer doesn’t start with getting faded
No longer am I mindlessly waiting
And you’re still there tugging at my heart strings
Pulling me from the depths of an intrinsic release
With my mind out of the gutter now My aching soul finds peace

And I am grateful to be alive today
In this new world in this whole new way
And I am thankful for you
Every word that you say
Every thought you didn’t speak outwardly
Baby, my love is running so deep
And no longer can those fuckers say
This talk is getting cheap


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