Clean Freak

Within the sea of scattered doubts I face
I’m clinging to the shores of all my thoughts, misplaced
“The shit was so good we thought it was laced”
And our futures so bright we gotta wear shades
As we succumb to all the measures masking our pain
We’ll soon find better reasoning to cloud the sky’s of hate
Concealing the sinking schemes of off blues and light greys
Patternized thinking we soon hope to replace
“Still drinking and drugging” but we let go of the chase
And you know I won’t change unless I’m in pain
Lifeless to the game and it’s getting repetitive
Practising the principles left hanging in the air
Streaks of milestones passed in present fears
Without much concern or moreless care
You’re two-thousand miles away;
And I’m still masked by unsung fears
Lord please take my aching soul from here
‘Time to switch gears’ and I don’t want
Anyone to see me;
The future is coming on yet you still can’t see me
Tell me is this what it’s like,
To be sober and free?


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