Time it is, now to relinquish
An avid and forward flow of the fluctuating senses
Let thy freedoms lack commence
And “I can’t hang with that”,
Led to loose ends tying tried pretenses
Thanks be to the god
We’re not left on the fence again
Though this time the choice was made for us
Forty-five to ninety days and I can’t hope for much
Some new yoga routines and an every-day lunch
It’s not all that fun, but it is
‘A means to an end’, my friend
So long to my use within the confines of my youth
And never to exist again “in solemn moments I pretend
To give a damn”, darling you know
This whole thing was a scam
With esoteric writings pre-planned
And I had lost track of time
In minutes leftover
Waiting for a sign of relief
Girl I wrote the whole thing for you
Setting aside my angst and grief
And now I miss your light more than ever,
Shining now beside itself
In moments that feel like forever


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