4:56AM; Lately I’m beginning to tap into some reserve of creative energy. Finding myself now with a deeper sense of clarity and a little more optimism, regardless of the gargoyles whom sit and stoop, waiting silently as we continue to expand over the cosmic waves of ‘spacetime’. Stay tuned. (As writer’s block leaves me further unenthused).

Regardless of the complete and utter loss of luck, it made me incredibly sad to be consciously aware of the increasing lack of compassion that surrounded our atmospheres, flooding my aura, than previously made known. The voices continued to drown out my innermost thoughts, as my dreams began to bleed together. Meanwhile, the colors ran into an introspective pool of conscientious wit and everything
fell out of place but you and I were still in it together. However vague or volatile. I’m not even sure if this will make sense to you, but what did it matter when over half of the venom these monsters spewed was complete and utter bullshit. I challenge the fact that each fact can be challenged. It holds the potential, somewhere. Beyond that, it remained, none of my concern. Perhaps, and with some critical thinking, it made sense to those who had the heart to not so much see but truthfully come to an understanding of it. Language was important for this, but it wasn’t everything. Some things are indescribable. Sometimes the strongest people I have crossed paths with had the smallest voices. And sometimes they didn’t use them at all. Are we waking them up? Its hard to tell, but at least we made them think. And that’s something.


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