A totality in disarray: Time

I had little time with a listless, overt and overly-suspicious list still in mind. The diagram played over heavily in the back of my mind. I wanted to finish the notations from Amnesia with it, but it was long gone, as were you. The list would only draw us closer together, even some hundred thousand miles apart. Was it, at any cost, the same list that deterred fateful lines of synergy, in a synthetic world we continue to encourage our aching souls to leave? And why were these words so useful, anyway? Mind you, they were creating such a cause as to make the demons feign and fall away. How savage they were and instinctively became, even to this day. But I couldn’t stand the trip or the meager ends in which they strayed, the countless obstacles they faced and still nothing was any better than their sheer distaste. Of total loss in an uncontrollable world, how free we freely were and somehow how absurd it was to question the unquestionable. As it remained, in totality, in total disarray. Time.

As it was, the very fucking thought of, it’s excruciating wait times. From cigarette machines to purchasing new waist lines. The simplistic thoughts that soothingly remind us of all our worst ways seemingly better spent, without much direction, keep in mind we still had good intent.


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