The Spy

Crashing from the slight heart attack
Induced by ‘thickened lines of black’
Sky; in a night that will soon quickly pass us by
Caught within a high that lasts, and yet
so wildly evasive were my better plans
In redemption of a bitter compromise, a fruitless end
As you wondered why, to obscure something so beautiful
Unseen and still felt somewhere
In a dream within another dream
A lost realm with miles in between
The places we have calmly went,
Although masterfully at ease such shady dealings have their consent
And we’re just undermining the hierarchy to further pretend
In my mind however I hadn’t needed to try
For the truth emerged in a Kadesh; the Spy
It was in question and the answer remained, somehow, a lie
Always present, highly prevalent
And so she came and went,
Inhaling toxins meanwhile
For some reason she spent
An hour in timelessness for
Three lost sometime ago,
A meaningful loss
in the otherworldly ebb and flow


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