The Tides Awoke

In between the time I spent clearing my head
The tides awoke pure bitterness to no end
Ceasing to reveal or befriend;
A countered love crippled hearts couldn’t mend

And the waves called me home
While these city streets left me alone
Easy to be chained but better off to carelessly roam
The weathered outlands,
The Sea lost within my eyes and the Sun in my hands

Where tainted souls do calmly meet
We’ve seen the beginning of a world just out of reach
But I’m beginning to think,
It’s growing closer everyday
Midnight castles burning crystal for the masses
And the sunken kingdom calls a presence to the wake
Of our last and final days

A trancelike stage lifts away
Veils clear to chrysophase
Clarified by a brighter light now;
Lifted so serenely to new heights
As we further decompress, delegating the sects
Of long forgotten texts
kept buried,


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