While you were out
I wasn’t too troubled
Unpacking boxes from the past
A shit show of decaying rubble
Stereos from 1986 and x-Ray specs
That don’t detect, back to 1985
“And all we do is talk about sex”

Etched in memories that never last
And it was fine, I swear
I’m getting over my fears
Of being lost in a world designed for two
“Maybe it is just you?”

And who knew I’d feel so free
Waiting patiently in the depths
Of such a temporary relief
Although I managed to relay
A few chosen words
My heart couldn’t say

In a galactic unrest
some atmospheres away
I felt a New rhythm
redefining an old way
And I didn’t really know
I couldn’t really say, and
All along I knew that you couldn’t really stay
For long; too much left unsaid
And I was too far gone

So long, last remnants
Of my sea-scattered song
You’re somewhere else
And I’ve waited too long
With all my bad habits
Finally eighty-sixed
with 45-90 days and
I’m getting the hint


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