An empty space
Trying still to be straightforward
And to bless the listless look upon your face,

Sunrise tracing every line
Crept through unknowingly
In sunken eyes

A lesser wave so counteractive to
Chilling waters
In a millennia of abuse

With lifetimes of second chances
Overused, unsettled
And still depleting sinking rhythms

But I suppose you could have guessed
A New reform to an age old test
Incomparably questionable
A questionable quest

“Terrible person”,
But she still thinks she’s the best
With civilities depicted in a civil unrest

It’s all the same,
A loss of control that captivates
An open mind pooling inwards to further thrive

In all it’s mastery redeemed
Judgement for another shitty poem
Though all along we’ve said same team

While little stands beside us,
We bottom out
Still getting


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