The Unsung Flow

It should have been awkward
But it wasn’t awkward
For the same amount I drank
I also somehow said the sane thing

As silence emanated my favorite means
To find you again,
So comfortably
Lying in between such severed seams

Surrendering their loyalty
I called the them, the highest right
Amongst greatest Sin
Captivating new realms once forsaken
And twice unseen; taunting timeless galaxies

Spiraled out opposite the unsung flow
Folding inwards upon rhythms
Left unspoken in the undertow
Of incandescent highs and lows

“There you go”, rightful Heir
An old rendition to New prayers
Infinitely underprepared
Lost forever but not scared
Ruined eternally, as if we ever cared

And all I had to do was share
A sentimental hope within a doctrine
Irreversibly fair,
With you again left
So calmingly unaware

Until that is
You set foot in here
Unattainably weird
At least I had left,
One beer


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