“She Looks Like A Lawyer”

You were severely lost, amidst your own pain. And I was already back home (in my mind) suffering debts I couldn’t pay in a half-assed world I couldn’t face. Baby I could barely shake all of the troubles I’ve consumed, so let’s chalk up our losses to another night poorly spent with you. Still somehow I felt better to be alone than another mission straight through the pits of Hell. Mind lost with thoughts that swell; and my bitches used up all the orajel. Beaten down and prodigally withheld and I still have a dire tendency to delve into the absence of a time-woven and elapsed presence your spirit has not settled and softly abides, within reason. You must be New to the game and three years since dropped outta school. Swimming backwards while the current takes you.

A photosational thought, 1:17pm


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