Shit pt. I & II

A poetry book,
And she finally got the look
Back; baby that’s whack
Light weed bags lost
In pants that don’t sag

Gripping to the moments that don’t pay
“Girl that’s all you had to say”
Still picking up your slack
Shit, how could you be mad?
I rolled you another cigarette
And I’ve always had your back

Bus stop chilling;
And the writings getting flat
The writers fiending bad
But were still holding on
To memories good and bad
Fighting the same battles in our heads
Still relieved we’re only half dead

Overwhelmed, and perma-sped
Remembering better times we’ve had
“You know it’s not that, bad”
You get what you get
And one poems
All it took

One pm has come and passed
We’ve chased new rhythms
Seeking highs that don’t last
No shit finally became,
a thing of the past
still kicking back
At Eric’s apts
And that’s that

No more shit and
I’m getting smarter
Fancy beers and crack lighters
“Girl you couldn’t get much higher”
And you know that I’m a liar

Halfway clean with
Four days sober
I said don’t quote me
And no I don’t owe her

Just flip the script
Surrender the Nations
Tell me, who gives a fuck
How’s that for a bad rap, son?


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