Sunshine Mind

Teach me how to write a poem
for this mess in my mind won’t do
so long as you don’t throw your words
in and out of every frequent tune

still wine-sipping the Loon
early morning to mid afternoon
mid-day to late morning, resume
and all I wanted to do was spoon
or meet your gaze on the next full Moon

though it will surely come and go too soon
we’re just writing rhythmic patterns,
on to the most favorable of matters
as you look to me, the Mad Hatter,
to perhaps slip you a line
all I have, my dear, is speed
and you’re too slow for my kind

but don’t be discouraged;
I have the utmost faith
that you will overcome your mortgage
and deny those false-sent claims
take back the afternoon papers
you again failed to read today

“who gives a shit?”,
and that’s the problem
relying on viles, baggies, and poor style
making the second strongest house out of sticks
“don’t be a dick”, just flow in lyrics
for energy release in forms of right spirit

repetitiously apparent;
Sunshine Mind
stopping shit


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