A Little Loose

Pairing down the bearings
on the old white grand Am
two parallel lines passing
along with all our better plans

plastered moments filling precious time
where your intricacy was masked
by new intimacies so divine
as we perceive passive ventures
presented as fragile complexes
in my mind;

Medusa’s tribe
how it has manifest in molecular breaks
Baby let me remind you
“a little love is all it takes”

forgiveness blaring,
Bleeding colours
in the pains of my mistakes
how easily we forget and forgive

Take my aching hands
Lover we might as well live
mark, mend and deliver
remember where our souls came from
and take me back to flowing rivers

a bliss between open lips
I couldn’t have dreamed for
an emancipated energy
born to pure light symphonies

in sinking, settled sounds
upon Crystalline skies
nothing was won (one)
yet you were my prize


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