The Ultimate Sacrifice

Nature’s nourishment and needs met on a whim
sightless abundance we’re better off to befriend

how beautifully broken hearts calmly mend
in sympathies so serene; Pure
regardless of the journeys which carried them so far

while fear of burning, blinded rage and
sheer embarrassment hold us back
it is the truth renewed in vow
for which our open souls do lack

we’ll surely find another way
to bring forth such a joyous love
our aching minds remember less and less of

as new tears fall, fresh as dew
so I ask the songbirds to sing for you
something entirely on, yet off-beat
for those courageous souls,
in Heaven we meet

well-traveled and tested
let our tired Spirits rest in it
within forgiveness of all our misdeeds
Lord lift us up to the tops of spiraling trees

devoted to peace;
encrypt us with your passion
create mystery to instill in us
the hope of love ever-lasting


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