The Relevance of Nines

It was real, when it was easy
with Sunday dinners silent but greasy
the mystics writing was getting cheesy
you were somewhere else and no where completely

always in between,
intervening the Unknown
felt in fast-lit senses newly stoned
I wasn’t laughing
and they weren’t fooled

“Tell us the truth”
now there’s a new beat
upon the relevance of nines
we were quartered,
quick in wit though cornered
with few fed and fewer released

court-ordered for a love combative
captive; fugitives to our former peace
feigning death in smoke-filled streets
and the rest were still asleep

with amor armor lastly redeemed
although twice received
the latter of two times restored
by two rebel gypsy thieves

“May I go in?”, at your own risk
before the beginning meets the end
in former ties we formally befriend
former ties with treaties tearing tiered trends
as the Tower slowly mends


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