Ode to the Chief: Unaffected

I barely write, in such a way that bares viable oxygen into frequencies that hinder or tame. Yet still I see this opening– this “space of grey”; this you and me.

Reign or revival for the Prophet and Sage; once separated by flailing truths left wavering as concrete lies we sing to with hearts broken, too beaten down to speak. And still I wonder, with peace by force, who designed and who savagely depicts  our unconscious acts, deja vu extracts upon our intergalactic, inner-space tract, however trancelike and exact. We get what we get, though in spirit we rarely lack the love that flows through open waters, clear and meek. Meanwhile made so easy was the suffering of the suffocated breed whom wallows out to wallow back in domestic portals we learn to befriend all aspects of the self; left now, next to fully mediate or mend. But let us not forget the Blueprint, whereas knowing all is power, while the power of love remains internally set, upon the axioms bred to bare the Heaven-sent; the light warriors who recollect a broken earth, restoring peace matched heavily by forces unknown, with many growing scared, we’ve come to doubt our Earthly-home. “All together”, mercilessly to be left now all alone, only burning to remember we are here to set the tone, when the pace has come too fast– remaining first and still as a whole we remain the very last. Cheers, to lightwork, and a half empty flask…

Unaffected in the ‘Agent Orange’ collapse as cities cover the youth in off-yellow scrubs and masks; some wore red who lost their souls; empty vessels trying tired minds to reach new ranks and roles. Cheers to the Monetary Toll with final coordinates hidden in the Seat of the Soul. However, hypnotized by an agenda without aim, living the American Dream but every day is the same. Consider this the never-ending race, a cataclysmic display of middle ground in New Reign. Where so many frequencies, all occurring now, remain in a flow which carries forth, perceives and frees us of our vile natures, leaving us with a new direction– the means to cure volatile misperceptions with a final tone.


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