Notoriously sound;
I’m safe and you’re somewhere hanging around
smoking bowls and sifting tattered pages of old literature
your eagerness at it’s worst in these crumbling grounds
Infectiously filing stale rooms of pure bliss
we’re so unconventional as we love to resist
“opening our eyes we take the last hit”
getting pissed when we switch to new pens

how in the fuck does this story end?
“much more difficult”, same to you friend
but your loving eyes
they carefully mend
Why not go backward
when we’ve always known each other
though live eternally in entirely different worlds?

it’s a curse; the spells that bind us
black majick melding into Timelessness
at a price we’ve set
inconspicuously in debt
to my former loves
the past,
and you
eat shit and die
“That is all”,
Fuck you


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