Fall 2007: ETA

We find ourselves reliving this forgotten dream
caught within the fragments of it’s former ways
Is this the New Wave?

You’re time-warped, tired and missing so much more
as you pass by in frail time
a host of half-assed scripts upon repeated lines

“Get with the times”
we know it’s unintentional
but at least the blueprint remains
unearthed and original;
with an ETA of fall
the love I held, now too,

what left do I have to repent for?
I could sin for her,
lose my sobriety, my sanity
inner and outer worlds
to better luck in “touch and go” times
I knew better than to pay the price

misunderstood in mysticism deeply provoked
with evasive acts chalked up to mere jokes
two more joints,
our last two smokes

evading the dealers crooked smiles
intentions shadier than his snide remarks
Lord knows we all have to play our part

words from the heart, baby
without you my whole world falls apart
let’s return to the rhythms
we knew from the start


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