Aspects Inspected; ‘from a distance’

Take whatever is fair, but dare not take too much. To just be, in that truth, we start how we end it seemed. Just the most rational of conclusions, the diagram depicted, from one of the most irrational spirits. From a distance seemed easy when you weren’t here, I suppose. It was pretty equal, really, but I thought better than to say it. I knew they wanted to keep me here. I had to act quickly and instill an active purpose or there would be too many severed soul ties, broken connections, or whatever the fuck. Our soul family was pleased, but it could have been better. Next time we will make it look even cooler… from a distance. Although, I was still, somewhat impressed. “Shit. They found me.” To put them in a trance, I thought, how simple it could have been when we create problems just to merit our own ability to find a Solution. When all along all we needed was a potion. Or other mind-altering substances. Because, reality in it’s sobriety seemed, increasingly fake. Somehow, I could still see through the whole thing. On the other hand, there was some seriously healing shit missing. “Truth is: everybody’s going to hurt you.” But at least they weren’t going to pull your pants down, bend you over their knee and spank that ass. “We would give up or get through.”


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