Chanceless, chores of the Righteous
with few riches in spite of a sinking, summer bliss
where we’ve grown apart to grow together inevitably
caught in between your smile and a love letter
with confounds conflicting choices making our lives better
shifting formalities forseeing new measure
A multifaceted truth left now light as a feather
You said goodbye as I gently spoke of forever
and I find myself time-traveling through
lost articles of the Ace of Pentacles left lone; listless from our previous abuse
initially and as we thought the light goddess seldom refused
vastly signfying a seductive muse
seduced by fatal understandings
sheepishly denying; she was eternally demanding with
Hearts counteractive
“Girl, why are you lying?”
I can’t believe this shit…
better off to keep on writing
rewritten favorably in her poetic neglect
this writing in vain, writhing in fucking chains
transfiguring realms imprisoning the Sane
now more or less foolishly saved
Vexed to refrain;
from the middle ground
as you are yin I remain yang
counterparts for the New Wave
written for my Cosmic Soulmate


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