You Get What You Get, Carrie

new worlds pooling in my open mind
radiant, captivating virtuous eyes
instilled with a Countenance so Divine
formerly lost we wandered with eyes dark as night
negligent to futures we failed to create
was it not beautiful in her every rewritten mistake
cast down by patient gods
passionate to the Cause
instead of short stories
the scribe wrote parables in clause
underhanded dealings leaving the dealt heavily distraught
we are not new to the Cause
but in run-on sentences we were caught
“you get what you get, Carrie”
when the look is all you got
even yet it felt better than it looked
I may have slang but at least I didn’t cook
“Bitch take to the library
and read a motherfucking book”
mickey’s malt liquor is all it took
to chill the vibes
too many meth-tokes stole
how about we go back to the New Sea Scrolls
unoriginally told
a makeshift mold


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