The Blueprint pt. II: Counterparts

The focus was internal. It was there, entirely lucid and yet somehow intangibly real, raw. Something was open to us, and us to it. The more we tried to know eachother, the further we fell back and were pushed away, as if within its very center it knew the depths of us, or rather of itself, and would everytime dissipate or dissolve in the Presence of its own reflection. However undeniable it was that these counterparts know eachother, they were otherwise and equally as fearful of the awareness of this primal comparison. As one was born to rise, the other created solely to fall it became very obvious to the innate nature of duality in unity to reach some level of agreement upon Initiation.

“Let it be”, is sometimes for the best, while in the least likely moments non-action and non-confrontation by approach enslaves nations. Purity by creation and chaos by design; we were eternally evolved and still somehow aloof unto ourselves. This uncertainty was our greatest mistake, for when belief remained everything, a shred of doubt would surely kill us. It’s the thrill of it that gently fills us, lovingly instilled in us. Raw. Scarred wide open– by your next pivitol move. Limitations expressed, they further haunt us in the night and encamp around our fragile minds as we arise. We are not exempt from their deprivation of our greatest loves and deepest truths. Sometimes, they take the very best from you. Rarely, they leave you with just enough change to scrape by.

Either way, we were just happy enough to continue living the lie. The rest of us were foghting a true cause. Here for the Revolution. And still others fought through the day just to catch a fleeting high.

“An eye for an eye”;
I wasn’t here to go blind.


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