Three weeks down
two days left with one hour
to Surround;
the summation of a small town
within higher hopes
A middle ground

where beauty is bestowed
beyond a heightened,
Heaven-sent motive
for which our open hearts
know the brilliance in the beat of

a formerly renounced reunification
born to Starlight in a sea of scattered night
as your light eyes,
they lovingly remind
our gentle souls of once
simpler times

In a letter of love to the goddess above
wound so delicately in fear
unspoken rhythms to manifest
as we insightfully repress
a purity of patternized form

tumultuous beats born to sinking stars
caught in your bright eyes
in moments we have adorned together
Sweetheart, what could be better?

than the freedom we chase
colliding with our eager hearts
an abnormality found in Open Space
across endless sky;

seductively tried to reform
as I and you weather every storm
you are the light I’ve forever adored


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