Mojave Sands

When fire burns through open eyes
the most pure of heart corrupt by lies
who else has been so compromised
as those who act so fearlessly
and those who See into the abyss
are livingly dreamt of upon one final wish
a fleeting chance formerly missed
by crazed hearts maddened by loss
naturally deprived with senses crossed
though wired to permantly resist
“we will not conform to this”
atrocities reformed by a synthetic bliss
a counteractive plot twist
we hoped to see and failed to miss
through earth-bound distractions
in a growing mistrust that indefinitely persists
we cultivate new reasoning
for sightless warfare that insists
and further grips our tethered minds
“you’re not okay, and I’m just fine”
with all the inadequecies received
desperately late yet somehow on time
to initiate a single strand
in cellular division
of the once promised land
carry me back home,
Mojave sands


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