Ashes spread across tethered pages
as the mystics lead a tired compass
to the tall-lit towers of the sages
unwritten lines cross burning ages
passed through with a knowing ease
how long we’ve waited to truly be free
carefully cloaked within careless feats
roaming; wild-eyed through crumbling streets
a decadence rather suggestively appeased
most regrettably reached;
beyond the violence we’ve received
in simply moving with the peace
flowing down an upward stream
in creation with little means
where rebirth reveals a unified team
yet depth of heart definitively seen
while the drones continue to lessen wages
and screen a new wave of cottonpicking slaves
motherfucking cattle of the New Age
intnsically rewired and forever strange
we are the light that so guides us
heavens above hypnotize us
mezmerize the fragile complexes
formerly binding us

(for the Laurel Ave and Van Buren strike) Autumn E v. Phoenix (2016)


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