The whole thing was a waste of time
and I’m at the seat of my soul unclothed
foreign to my previous roles
gently recited though few told

yet cloaked in mystery that even you can’t see
with depths of seven oceans wildly deep
An unforgiving release
forced intervention it seemed
I could sense, they could see
into deprivation of vivid sleep
I’m lucid and you’re at peace

so what can I say to heal your wounds?
when sorry means nothing,
as you take the hand of fools
tell me, sweetheart who so wholesomly guides you?

And without your beauty surrounding
every darkened dim-lit room
you saw the look upon my face
now what the Hell could I do?
sincerely reflecting on the midnight muse
the single matchstick to my shortened fuse

Love grant me one last breath
give my open heart a break
and leave behind your shattered doubts
our failures upon final tasks
fatal courage open and unmasked

Come back to us, goddess of love
revive me with your holy touch
before the devils have their way
keeping us in awe and still astray

from one another
as if we never knew
our own nakedness resembling
Tribal tessellations
paralleling you


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