Free Poems

Confiscated by the midnight hour
calloused with conscious minds devoured
enslaved and still holding the power
subconscious snared but we’re still in the market

with nerves shot
minds anxious, abused
I wrote the pagans parables in corresponding suite
recording emanations of the Ancients highest truth

still “too high to include”,
how I previously left you
maybe it was just a test to you
in case you were forgetting
we’re all going up
same team

the hard times were ending
when we lived in opposition to the dream
crushing viable hopes in criticisms corrupt
cancerous to our beaten down luck
“you get what you get”
when no one gives a fuck

I’m falling out and you’re somewhere in between
speaking in rhythms saying words we never mean
my heart lives in the past,
and yours is dead to this day

what a motherfucking shame
I’m listless and you’re delayed,
still writing free poems
and left underpaid


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