Salt to the Earth

Emotional change we repeat
in solitude we hope to break
yet somehow secretly we keep
their severed notions with elixirs full on drunken spells upon hypnosis of vision
black scratch cornea revel in Hell
through depths unknown who dwell Above
a heightened force, a fatal cusp
to which new hearts gravitate resolved trust
formalities aside; our family awakened to light
Alive [to the rhythm]
were severing the ropes, losing flesh
In divinities we were once highly dressed
but it has end, a gravenous sin
heavy to chance we carelessly risk
centuries of bloodshed the priesthood relives
initiatory bindings, raw to the tide
Crawling tooth and nail
black shrouds cover our eyes
watching over each descent mysteriously derived
Crept through caverns of callous lies
All who hail and all who see life into a melting Sea
seductively at ease, mindful intoxication
Upon barren streets
Leftovers of the crumbling taverns
victim to torture and ravage
such as it is as it is as such
In salt to the earth
“we dare not take too much”


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