For the Dawn

7:05pm conversational;

Three times chimed in
and I wasn’t worth a shit
empty motives motivating a broken speech of greater intent
drunk beneath the tower in seas of fabric newly cleansed
by chilled waters through mouths of false prophets sent

we’re splitting hairs in strung-out narratives
you said dare to dream, and we did
what ever happened to you get what you give?
tainted by abnormalcy;
a finer peace

just out of grasp, “you wonder why”
I never asked for any substitution
only to aid you in your next solution
more resolved without much proven
always coming up,
but baby we’re losing

fragile complexes shift to simplify my start
and the love I keep giving tears my fucking soul apart
“Back to start” and there’s your problem
“no one gets to know Autumn”

on the outskirts of my sanity
and I’m thinking I should have taught them
something halfway intelligent, mindful or serene
yet still we manage
on the same fucking team


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