Perfected Absence

Inconceivably fixed
with love long lost in the grips
of your next detrimental fix
purging realms for which we’ve walked
and yet still have never truly went for all this troubling descent
after all it was the past
and you and I were carelessly spent
consort to new worlds once lapsed time selflessly lent

in the turmoil of your perfected absence
getting ourselves lost in mid-day traffic
though writers block was growing,
Tragic; better to be free
than poly-plasmic
realigned to lesser ways
in higher forms we’ve caught the wave

Irreplaceably the same
hanging on to what once was safe
I’m letting go to hold the reigns
of sanity infringed, impaired
yet somehow, there
“Are you really that scared?”
the whole thing much too weird
riddled by time realized far too late
and long past due we leave the state
perhaps the country if only you knew
the rhythms I could sing for you

with conversations few and far between
we speak the words we never mean
encrypted by soft melodies
the crystal ships birth certainty
a flightless grace we fail to relieve
seduced by growth with a counterfeit ease,
Was I free?


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