Memoirs lie in capsulated silence
while memories retain a more soothing release
a courage corrupt by our fears favorably reached
meanwhile we are forgotten and forever foreseen,
birthing few new chapters to cultivate our broken speech
Recklessly impeached;
Some time had passed and we were asked to calmly leave the scene
held hostage to the Revolutionary
In withheld lands marked willingly by Divine territory
aimlessly receiving bared parts of ancestral stories
Rewritten in samples of heightened glory
and further compromised with a counterfeit ease
to ward a knowing look exchanged within a peaceful retreat
masquerading beauty in my most painful relapse
where evil stalks the night amidst the Tower’s collapse
repetitions repeating in a rhythmic malfunction beyond
A lower dysfunction of perpetual normalcy
As instanteous musings initiate a lighthearted journey
we could surely see, an aptitude for barren peace
pure and free, wildly redeemed
In a revival Unseen, unknown, unaccounted for
we repaired a severance of ties
null and void eviction rights, doormat received to calmly recite
claiming corrupt caravans in the night
Love, rest easy, there was still a choice you see
an open-wound of mislead peace
Sinking, sleep


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