No Outlet

Forensics feuding with a truly formless vessel
intricately rewired we rewrote the whole thing to depress her
with outside powers unknown yet, perceived, ironically
locked within infinite planes we wonder through the void
asking where our open hearts are taking us
up to the God and Goddess above
with souls withered, weathered and confused
Still I see so much more in you
than what you care to show yourself
where truth and lies fall side by side
and you’re just here along for the ride
Yet still I’m here holding you tonight
In immortality subdued
by such an overwhelming love

Breathlessly agile, anxiously awake
No outlet was found for the Revolutionary Breed at stake;
conceptualized by human nature just to get on your fucking knees
restless ramifications reuniting free speech
powerfully unveiled to purposefully reach,
as Prisoners without we fly free in the end
finding at once the true Palace lies within
dilated by an illicit ecstasy of nature’s purest light
as red incessantly invades a further evasive night
I find myself losing each and every singular fight
Somehow nothing has changed,
but everything’s alright


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