They’ll Never Know

deeply pressured and somehow persistent
however patiently perceived the Source remained indifferent
flowing outward, Infinite
the tides swept across a midnight trance
corrupt by silenced speech
pivotal to change and yet,
still too ready to repeat

genuinely surprised however surprisingly we were found
spiraling out of corner streets into the density of dim-lit towns
she holds a love forever open, unsung and entirely separate from
the unusual rhythms we delivered in our delirious descent
how passionately freed in nights we were unified, “same team”

where there was left no in between
to run, to roam or escape
you left me at the highest peak
in latter chains freshly released
intended for a beauty combative to the streets
they’ll never know how tiresome tedious hours were spent
lovingly reminded of a former past remittance in oppression
you keep guessing and I’m missing the Que
“maybe, it is just you?”

scribed infecetiously by the sacred fool
breaking through allegations accursed by ancestral rule
we’re actualizing a deficit in proof
dialogues repressed within unintentional truth
proportionately fixed,
however, openly refused,
fractured and later to be soothed
court ordered and treated for a redemption heavily moved

burdened by the beliefs suppressing a hindrance of post traumatic fears
“There, there”
you get what you get,
in all due respect
we were designed to reflect
the stars reformed within each moment we possess
a bare minimal affliction
with guidance through Divine intent


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