hello, my only love

hollowed out by sinking suns

in bittersweet melodies unsung

our language was left lingering between careless mistakes

and you told me this time last year,

“a little love is all it takes”

little did I know time would have me masked by fears unknown

though I know the ageless tune becoming now repetitive

and so entirely infused with each recycled beat,

heaviness contaminates a conscious movement of the peace

denial of the senses has us clutching loose nerves in every clause

recreating squatters law we passed inspection for a life on the streets

and still I hold a map within my soul of traces where our minds and hearts meet

tethered and tried: we were tested

wide-eyed and wired she finally wrote the rest of it

with side notes delivered and lacking viable message

I withheld the blueprint that once captivated our minds,

though now it all seemed just a conscious waste of time

however promised, we repaired

an insightful trip over three-thousand years

however broken, or weird

We all still went up from here


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