The Narks

Bottom shelf, beat up and busted down
flying on severed wings with the soul of a clown
Perforated, primordial and precisely  planned
as the narks below wait for me to take a stand
soon to be unified within a stretch of the Ancients fair land
And baby I’m just asking to take your hand,
to flow between promises broken unnamely by such cheap demands
so skilfully denied a purer movement of the senses
and they wonder why she was apprehensive,
Derailed and senseless;
The healers are on the fence again
Life in suspension resting upon the strangest intervention
In retention of all our failed attempts to lovingly remind,
Reordering to realign
Yet unspecific and somehow surprised; regenerating peace lost amidst the otherworlds trance
derived by Divine design of an anamorphic nature
as they marked incessantly upon the spies holy plans
still the best and it’s all a scam
a suite of snide spades in the Priestesses hands
reliving lifeforms to carefully replan and I’ll be damned
to be the only one to take the stand
an affinity for actions afflicted through this deliberate dance
And you told me that night,
“the whole world is in your hands”


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