You’re far too sick for all this sadness
far too beautiful for me to let you alone have it
carrying all your burdens Lord knows I have a heavy heart
and the realms of pain within me still keep us worlds apart
although tragic in their making I have loved them from the start
unsettling, slipping inward you retract as I recoil
Bleeding out incessantly;
better renowned grips in a bitter turmoil
madness dances melodically as we burn another foil
with depth of life incomparably savage
Sweetheart let me carry all your baggage
with a simple and loveless reward
I’m flowing further inward,
Hell bent and skyward and
you still think I’m the biggest nerd
with opened lips you can’t speak a word
among passion ensued in a passionless world
you’re playing hard to get and I’m openly reserved
It’s insane and yet you love to fight
tangled in your souls warmth
on cool October nights
everything’s a mess &
somehow it’s alright


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