Paying Respects

Pay a respect as light synchronized is infused with a serenity self taught
mysteriously pooling in patterns of rushing thoughts
dealt in dwellings of the highest while the lows were all we ever fought
through knowingly, narrowed intentions left bare sparingly
a thrill to truly realize and release in aching lungs,
a broken speech

and no it wasn’t just a joke to me
you called for me to see you there
seduced in fleeting sanity with a judgment sound and fair
she was beautiful beyond comprehension
and I was feverishly unaware
once broken glances recaptured in a sea of revival reasonably feared
however loved loosely you and I were unattainably weird
Wired and yet revered,
it only took me half the year to meet your gaze in turning points

Torturing the most sentient mental praise you fell to the earth
untouched, yet tried through waves revealed in tiresome eyes
Baby are you at all surprised,
I loved you amidst your inner worldly disguise, now sensually organized
hypnotized by a reckless pride
heavily sedated and sanctified;

Touring worlds within we are all together near and far
as the stars reflect a simple melody beating miles from your heart
I’m searching through the rubble for the space from which to start
in riptides drowning out frailty
an emptiness prone to depart


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