Bad Poetry II

Leave it here as the eternal falls apart
infringed neurotically by a never-ending start
we closely captivated destinies unwanted and alarmed
I decided to stop listening but the silence changed my heart

you said no from the beginning and now I could see why
Somehow this bitch was awake and she never even tried
withholding a reverence to unmistakably admire
leave it under the doormat in ashes of my past
or in remnants of my funeral pyre

it didn’t last long but the bad poetry was wild
however wired, the witnesses depart
one by one they open up
and the Jack of all trades forgets to play his part
never mind the desolation
“just stop guessing then”
knowingly reevaluating it was just another test to them

sinking back in silence as failing rhythms ache to repeat
a mindful regression re-framing foreign speech
through linguistics revealed to realign omens lost
within a spectrum cultivated by
our lack of wanderlust

with Zion in our minds, ridiculed
to save some time in repercussions
introverted yet mysteriously woven to remind
of artifacts and scribes,
carefully ruining my life
Pay a respect,
to the right team this time
and strangely,

I’m surprised


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