Brick walls, black lights and bum nights
better bestowed upon the easy to consent
we’re recklessly abandoned and forever Hell bent
creating new frequencies to praise each devils descent
the past has come and we’ve since relived the moments shed
within metaphorical imprints; captivated though condensed
your silence speaks rhythms that it’s taking the hint
forgive me of my trespasses;

as I foolishly repent
you further condemn yet I curiously reflect
on burnt up lines pooling over my battled wit, and
“I’m grateful for the moments you actually gave a shit”
I’ve come to new terms, although few will procure
a divinatory vessel pure enough to pass the message
however blindly mislead we are somehow highly receptive
to each prose she writes emancipating the Collective

Carried out in concrete deception
It’s blissful and infectious
let’s lie breathless, Lover
in between the Cusp of less;
and so much more
we’re tripping into unlocked doors
shuffling over paint chipped floorboards,
through memory laced by subtle thoughts I feverishly adore
scoured by flames settling madly within a broken heart
that has always been yours,
beating wildly from the start


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